Bikers Rights Organization (Ontario) Inc.

Bikers Rights Organization


is a not-for-profit organization composed of motorcycle enthusiasts.  As our name implies, we are a
politically active group that is constantly searching for and striving to change unfair legislation and discriminatory practices that affect the lifestyle of today's modern rider.

B.R.O. of Ontario was founded in 1979.  A constitution was written and registered with the government.  This document allows for the formation of a provincial executive council and
the guidelines that have shaped and formed the many different regions that make up the provincial body.

B.R.O. has members across Canada and the United States that share our views.

Our "LET THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE" motto is probably the most popular and easily recognized.
It reflects our stand on many of the issues that affect motorcycle riders.  We feel everyone should have "Freedom of Choice".  Your choice of clothing or mode of transportation should not restrict your everyday freedoms and rights.

All of our regions are open to visitors who will potentially become new members. We encourage you to have a look at our calendar of events and come see for yourself!

Our Aims & Objectives
The objects and purpose to which B.R.O. and its members are dedicated are:

  1. To foster and develop improved community understanding and awareness of motorcycle and operators, by actively supporting charities, by providing services and/or moneys, and by instigating motorcycle safety through public awareness programs.
  2. To foster and promote motorcycle safety and responsible riding practices in the motorcycle community.
  3. To promote and develop friendship and understanding among all motorcyclists.
  4. To promote legislation affecting motorcycles generally and to oppose or support, as the case may be, any contemplated legislation by Federal, Provincial, Municipal, or other authorities in so far as the same may affect the motorcycling community.
  5. To endeavor to achieve a closer relationship and better understanding between motorcycle owner / operators and the law enforcement officers with a goal of identifying and solving problems of mutual concern.‚Äč

When sending a message with the link below, you should include your local MPP. You can find your local MPP's email address here. Please also be sure to sign your name at the bottom of the email.